Indonesia 2017

Although the members of Siswå Sukrå are experienced gamelan players, are passionate about the music and love learning about Javanese culture, most have never been to Indonesia. A few members of the group have studied in Java, and longed to return.

We’ve been planning and crowdfunding for what seems like forever and now our dream to visit Indonesia as a group has come true!

For 2½ weeks in August 2017 we’ll be meeting Indonesian people, experiencing Indonesian culture, learning from Javanese gamelan musicians, and performing.

Our busy schedule includes:

  • A klenèngan and dance at National Wayang Museum, Jakarta
  • Travelling from Jakarta to Jogja by train to absorb some of Java’s beautiful landscape
  • Performing at the Kraton Jogja
  • Performing a klenèngan and dance at Festival Kesenian Jogja
  • Visiting temples including Borobudur and Candi Prambanan
  • Performing in the main pendhopo at ISI, the arts conservatoire in Solo where Pete and a few other members of Siswå Sukrå have studied in the past
  • Visiting the Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo to watch the dance rehearsals and other gamelan performances
  • Visiting and performing in some of the villages around Solo and Jogja, including visiting local schools
  • Attending some of the local gamelan rehearsals in Solo
  • Playing at an all-night wayang performance
  • Lots of rehearsals with Javanese gamelan teachers
  • Seeing a gamelan being made

For more details on our Performances, see our Performances page, and keep an eye on our Blog for updates on our experiences!